About Us


Aims and Objectives

1.    To provide a comprehensive electrical and electronic engineering education that prepares students for a successful engineering practice and advanced studies.
2.    To develop the abilities of students for the application of the necessary practical tools, scientific basics and fundamental knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering.

The main objectives of the programme are:
1.    To provide students with a solid foundation in the electrical, electronics, telecommunications, and control engineering.
2.    To develop the professional skills in the students and prepare them for immediate employment in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.
3.    To provide students with the requisite skills for the dynamic and rapidly changing electrical and electronic engineering market.
4.    To provide students with a wholesome foundation that prepares students for leadership roles along diverse carrier paths in established companies as well as embark on entrepreneurial ventures concerned with power and energy, telecommunication, industrial control and electronics.
5.    To provide students with a solid foundation for research and postgraduate studies.