About Us

The programme was started in 2006 with the first batch of 18 students admitted to pursue the programme. The programme has up to date produced 148 graduates who are contributing positively in the education, health, science, finance and other sectors in Ghana and beyond. In order to provide a pathway for the graduates to further develop themselves, other postgraduate programmes have since been introduced.

Goal and Objectives

The primary aim of the programme is to provide students with a firm grounding in the concepts of Mathematics and related courses to think logically and critically to meet the requirements of industries and educational institutions. The curriculum supports the development of higher level mathematical skills and computing expertise for students in fields such as pure mathematics, engineering, natural and social sciences.Thus, the objectives of the programme are to train competent first degree graduates capable of:

•   using appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real-life contexts;
•    selecting and applying general rules correctly to solve problems including those in real-life contexts;
•    communicating mathematical ideas, reasoning and findings by the use of appropriate mathematical language (notation, symbols, terminology) in both oral and   written explanations; and
•    pursuing higher degrees in Mathematics and related disciplines.