About Us

Mechanical Engineering courses were among the courses assigned to the Applied Engineering Science (A.E.S.) Department of the University of Science and Technology – School of Mines when the School was part of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

The A.E.S. department initially existed as a servicing department handling courses in the field of Mathematics and other applied sciences.

As it was the policy of the University to produce manpower well suited for the Mining Industry, it became necessary for the A.E.S. department to run its own tertiary programmes to turn out graduate engineers who would not only be suitable to the mining industry but also to other allied industries. Consequently, the Mechanical Engineering Section was created to admit candidates for a 3-year Diploma Programme in Mine Mechanical Engineering; the first batch of students was admitted in 1993.

In line with Government polity, the diploma programme was upgraded to a degree programme in Mechanical Engineering; admission of the first batch of students was made in October 2000.

On 1st October 2001, the A.E.S. department ceased to exist and in its place, the Mechanical Engineering Department became one of the two departments of the newly created Faculty of Engineering. The Department has up to date produced about 350 graduates who are contributing positively in industry and other sectors across the country and beyond.



The main objectives are:

To produce graduates who are able to:

  • Design, manufacture and assemble mechanical components and systems.
  • Solve engineering problems by analysis and empirical method, by the use of the computer.
  • Install, commission, operate, maintain and service plant/machinery, tools and equipment.
  • Prepare and read engineering drawings.
  • Prepare and engineering reports, and
  • Apply relevant social science principles to manage engineering organizations and maintain cordial human relations.