About Us

The Minerals Engineering Department was instituted in the year 2013, in line with the University of Mines and Technology’s vision of becoming a centre of excellence for producing world class professionals for the mining, petroleum and allied industries. Accordingly, the Minerals Engineering Department was established to train quality human capital in Minerals Engineering to meet the challenges of the engineering profession in Ghana and beyond.

The department currently runs a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree Programme in Minerals Engineering, which aims at providing a solid knowledge of the practical and essential principles of safety management, occupational health hazards and management, environmental assessment and audit, environmental modeling, hydrograph analysis, water and air Modelling systems, waste treatment innovations, engineering ergonomics etc.

The programme comprises of taught courses, seminars, fieldtrips, report writing and laboratory work. Assessments of course work are primarily done through quizzes, class assignments, seminars and end of semester examinations. Graduates from the Department are equipped with the skill to identify, model and solve environmental and safety engineering problems.

The Minerals Engineering Department is resourced with highly efficient personnel and committed academic staff with specialties in the fields of environmental chemistry, environmental process engineering, ergonomics and stress management, occupational health and safety, meteorology and risk management and hazard control systems. Academic staff are also committed to research and extension services in their various fields of specialty.

The department has linkages with related industries as well as sister universities home and abroad, this allows for a sharing of knowledge and research to meet the dynamics of the safety world in modern times.

We encourage prospective candidates who wish to pursue an engineering career in Safety and Environmental Engineering to opt for the University of Mines and Technology for a quality engineering education.



The BSc. Minerals Engineering programme aims at providing firm grounding in concepts of Minerals Engineering disciplines and related courses to meet the changing trends of the industry.

The main objectives are:

  • To train competent first degree graduates;
  • To prepare first degree graduates to take up jobs in industry; and
  • To prepare candidates for higher degrees in mineral and related programmes.